Green Points: The Definitive Guide is Published

3rd Jun 2019

Learn how to achieve greater insight and control into the maintenance initiatives in your organisation...

Green Points: The Definitive Guide has now been published and is available to order in both paperback and ebook. The Definitive guide defines a brand new analysis technique that provides those involved in system maintenance remediation with a metric to understand the value embedded by maintenance initiatives.

Green Points: The Definitive GuideThe green points guide is of interest to all those who understand the importance of system maintenance. This includes IT professionals working in a number of roles including:

  • Systems analysts who appreciate the benefit of including quantitative analysis into the assessment of system maintenance options. 
  • Portfolio, programme and project managers who would like to track project performance and progress using a metric other than cost.
  • Development managers wanting to monitor incremental improvements following adjustments to the way maintenance work is undertaken.
  • Product owners looking to accommodate the competing priorities of business stakeholders.
  • Service owners wishing to audit the level of system maintenance being performed on the business-critical systems they manage.
  • Business sponsors looking to ensure investment in maintenance and remediation activities is directed in the most efficient manner possible.

For your copy of Green Points: The Definitive Guide use one of the links below: Paperback / Kindle Paperback / Kindle

Indipenned: For a copy shipped by us.

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