About Us, Green Points™ and Green Point Analysis

How can your organisation benefit from this useful new analysis technique for the controlling and monitoring system maintenance work?

GreenPts.org is a hub for all things Green Points™. Together with Green Points: The Definitive Guide, it is the go to place for those looking to make effective use of Green Point Analysis. These two resources will provide green point practitioners with the tools they need to understand the value embedded by system maintenance and remediation work undertaken by their organisations.

GreenPts.orgThis website includes both a newsletter and a blog. These free online knowledge repositories will inform those involved in system maintenance of the latest green points developments, relay discussion regarding the various uses of green points and provide worked examples to support those looking to make effective use of Green Point Analysis. Over time, these articles will build into a valuable source of information and insight for those who understand the importance of system maintenance.

Green Point Analysis has many uses. As described in the blog article Introducing Green Points, it was originally conceived as a technique assessing the value embedded by system maintenance activity and as a method to track the performance and progress of maintenance projects using a metric other than cost. As the thinking around green points grew, it became apparent that they had many more applications both within the initiation and monitoring of projects and for providing enterprise-level insight.

An understanding of green points, both in terms of the underlying theory and the insight they provide is useful to a variety of stakeholders. This includes both those working on system maintenance and remediation projects and those with an interest in the stable operation of the business functions that information systems support. Designed to incorporate the views of stakeholders with competing interest, green points will be of interest to anyone who wishes the money spent on maintenance to be directed in the most efficient manner possible in order that their organisation can complete successfully its chosen marketplace.

Whatever your profession and however you wish to utilise green points, GreenPts.org can help you to start realising the many benefits they provide. If you would like some help in getting started on your green points journey, please get in touch now.